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Fair Housing Consultation

Members of our Client Services staff assist people who believe they may be victims of illegal housing discrimination. CFH helps them gather evidence to support a claim of illegal discrimination and discuss enforcement options. These options could include problem-solving or mediation by CFH personnel, filing of an administrative complaint with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, or legal action through our staff attorney. Housing discrimination can occur in any transaction whether renting or buying a home, negotiating with a lender, or shopping for insurance. Discrimination is not just about race or color. It also is illegal to discriminate in housing based on religion, national origin, gender, disability or because children are members of the household. For a summary of Fair Housing protections, click here.

CFHs Client Services are free of charge. If you have questions or concerns, call us at 251-479-1532 to discuss your situation.

Limited English Proficiency Assistance (LEP)

The CFH has built numerous partnerships with social service organizations within our service area, which allow us to provide our services for those members of the community who may have LEP needs. Because of those partnerships if you are an individual whose first language is Spanish, Vietnamese, or another language and you are in need of our services, there are no language barriers.

Tenant Advocacy

CFH works with those who are experiencing difficulty maintaining their rental housing for reasons ranging from tenant/landlord issues to lack of resources. Our staff will offer objective advice for tenants facing housing concerns or eviction.